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If you’ve spent any time marketing online, you know how much great information you can glean from tracking.

Which means you also know how insanely complex and crazy data visualization becomes.

effina makes reporting and data visualization easy and fun.

They'll Come

…but only if someone builds it. 

That someone is effina.

We provide custom integrations for any service with an API, and can even integrate many third-party services that don’t offer an API.

Come and get it.

White Label

Key Performance Indicators At a Glance

Are you looking for a turnkey solution to provide your clients with clean useful dashboards…that make sense for their data? Do your clients have a burning need for easy-to-build complete solutions? Solve their problems with our white label…and maybe recommend a doctor to help with the burning.


There’s no download or installation unless you opt for the effina White Label solution. 

Server Requirements
PHP 7.3+
MariaDB 10.2+

We offer a verification module for sanitizing your data with xVerify. If you have a different third-party service you would like to use, contact us for custom module pricing.

Contact us today to set up your account!

We take privacy seriously, and we hate spam as much as the next guy (or girl). We utilize best practices for data storage, protect your information, and protect your customers’ information.

We make no guarantees about data privacy or security for white-labeled systems, as we cannot maintain control over your systems.

Clean custom views combine data from as many (or few) channels as you desire.

Compare and contrast performance between email campaigns, display and email, specific creative, landing pages, and more.

Tie in heatmap data for that extra edge.

Up to 3.5x faster

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We “zap” the competition.