We caution you against traversing the email landscape alone. Email offers one of the best ROI’s in all of digital marketing…if you can navigate the minefield.

We provide warmed and whitelisted IP space, or you can completely self-host with our custom white label solution.


Anyone can offer email or SMS, but not everyone also offers communication via Instant Messenger and Social Networks.

These additional channels provide incredible response times for people who have opted-in to your communications.


We Make You One With Everything

We never ask you to use our domain…ever. We want you to use your domain for two reasons: first and foremost, it looks way more professional for your customers. Second, we teach you how to protect your domain, but if you choose not to, we don’t want you to burn ours.


There’s no download or installation unless you opt for the effina White Label solution. 

Server Requirements
PHP 7.3+
MariaDB 10.2+

You must provide your own API key(s) for all integrations.

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We take privacy seriously, and we hate spam as much as the next guy (or girl). We utilize best practices for data storage, protect your information, and protect your customers’ information.

We make no guarantees about data privacy or security for white-labeled systems, as we cannot maintain control over your systems.

We pioneered the full-service multi-channel autoresponder. We deliver fully compliant SMS, email, and/or chat messages to your customers for the greatest ROI while protecting your brand.

Every instance is white-labeled on whitelisted sending space so your customers never see our branding, and we work with you to whitelist your domains. 

50,000 Channels?

The Other Guys

Not quite…but we have way more than anyone else.