Realize Your Ideas

Are you looking for a specific lead generation offer? Do you need niche data for that special list or the next big giveaway for your audience?

Our simple plug-and-play solution lets you design and host your own page. You send traffic to your own site. We provide daily batch files or real-time data feeds, whichever suits your needs.

Protect Your Investment

You pour your heart, soul, and bank account into your business.  

Then someone comes along, drives a ton of fraud traffic, and bam! You lose everything.

As one of the few truly boutique private networks, we build personal relationships with each and every affiliate. 


Truly Custom Co-Reg As a Service

Are you looking for a turnkey solution to your co-registration needs? Do you want to be the next big thing in CRAAS (that’s co-registration-as-a-service for the slower ones in the audience)?

We’ve got your solution right here. Download the fact sheet below and contact us to get started right away fattening your bank account with that sweet, sweet co-reg.


There’s no download or installation unless you opt for the effina White Label solution. 

Server Requirements
PHP 7.3+
MariaDB 10.2+

We offer a verification module for sanitizing your data with xVerify. If you have a different third-party service you would like to use, contact us for custom module pricing.

Contact us today to set up your account!

We take privacy seriously, and we hate spam as much as the next guy (or girl). We utilize best practices for data storage, protect your information, and protect your customers’ information.

We make no guarantees about data privacy or security for white-labeled systems, as we cannot maintain control over your systems.

Develop custom offers with our next generation co-registration platform.

Build websites on-the-fly already plugged into your email marketing system and our private network preloaded with offers accepting incentivized traffic.

Want your own turnkey solution? Yes, we can!

Become a Better You

The effina Way
The Old Way

We connect your users with prizes they really want, not a “free” vacation they’ve got to pay room, board, and travel for.