How to Convert Web Traffic to Customers Using Internet Marketing

Sure, a website is good but customers are better.

So now you have managed to secure some solid monthly views on your website, high engagement on social media platforms and gotten customers inquiring about your products yet you have made a few sales ever since you have launched your business.

If this is you, believe it or not, you aren’t the online one. Where thousands of people visit your website every day only a handful of them are actually interested in what you have to sell and among that handful, you are only going to find a couple who will end up buying.

Regardless of how motivating those big numbers on the monthly visitor’s screen look like on Google Analytics, it won’t cover the hard-earned money that you have invested in your business.

Luckily, there is a solution.

Here are the top 5 best ways to convert your web traffic to customers using Internet Marketing.

1.    Check Your Bounce Rate

When it comes to carrying out regular campaigns and monitoring your progress, there are a lot of statistics that you need to take into account. But think about it, how much of it do you really implement and figure out ways to improve? There is no point in running a Google Ad that generates 100,000 monthly visitors but has 0.001% of conversion.

If your stats show a high bounce rate, there is a lot you need to do to improve the user experience on your page. Look at the copywriting on your website, it is dull, does it still entice you after reading it for the 10th time? If not, change it. Let’s admit it, customers absolutely hate navigating through a series of steps to get what they want.

This is the #1 killer for impulsive purchases. Therefore, hire a web designer, a copywriter, and revamp your website so your users have a clear path to making a purchase. 

If you are someone who likes to have control over everything you do, there is no harm in opting for a copywriting course and improving your skills.

2.    Build An Email List

Once you have adequate monthly traffic on your website, it’s time you retain them and turn them into customers. The best way to do this is to start email marketing. This can be done by going for a pop-up option sign at the top of your website. The key here is to give something in return for their email and get them in the loop.

Later, automate your email sequence with regular blog updates, new arrivals, cart abandoned emails and entice them to buy items on their wishlist. Here’s an example of how you can get people to sign up to your email list.

Source: Intikhaab

Depending on the niche you are operating in, make sure to be thorough with your market research and opt into the email of your competitor to get an overall idea of a successful email campaign.

3.    Try Out Multiple Channels

Your website isn’t the only platform that can help you convert the traffic into customers. There are certain channels that help you get an overall idea of the type of audience you want to target. For instance, Facebook ads can be a great way to get impulse purchases for mid-priced products. The same goes for Instagram.

However, if your product is more B2B focused and relatively expensive, LinkedIn can be your best bet to go. You can also try going beyond ads and use organic methods to entice people into buying your products.

This includes creating a community on Facebook, Reddit or Quora where you will write a blog around trying the benefits, uses, causes and different ways your products can help customers. The key is to be as subtle and honest as possible. Remember, people in such communities can sniff a marketer from a mile away.

Thus, every word you say will have no weight, even if it’s quite helpful for them. The more you focus on bringing out the best in each of your products, the better long-term results you will get.

The thing with online customers is that they snowball. Put in your 100% now and you see your revenue doubling up in a few years. So, it’s never a bad idea to go hardcore with your efforts now and experiment with different marketing channels and copywriting techniques.

4.    Build A Thoughtful Sales Funnel Page

The best way to convert cold traffic into satisfied customers is to give your hand at the ever famous funnel techniques. Whether your product is an ebook, service, or physical product, an effective funnel consists of a flow that helps readers see the products from your point of view.


Follow the salesman’s way, but only back it up with evidence.

Start by triggering the pain points of your readers. They are hooked now and desperate for more ways they can relate to. Then mention your product, why your business is suitable to bring this product to them, the benefits they will get and utilise the golden word “You” throughout the funnel.

Once that’s all set, show evidence and reviews of the people who were first in the shoes of your current readers and how your customers are enjoying their lives with your product/service. Lastly, conclude the funnel with a solid call of an action plan to convert high numbers of customers in no time.

The key here is to power with your funnel using persuasive words and make use of effective graphics to grab the attention of the readers. Besides that, to entice people to go from your website to the funnel, you can also try offering incentives or aesthetically appealing photos that will do justice to the content inside. 

5.    Push Notifications

A lesser-known fact about push notifications is that depending on your industry, they have an open rate of 5 to 10%. Push notifications are notifications that your visitors get, (with their consent) every time you make an update on the website, upload a blog or add new arrivals to your store. 

This helps grab the attention of your potential customers and increase the chances of converting them to actual customers. And if you are lucky, you can also make use of push notifications to get repeat customers as well.

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