3 Practical Tactics to Grow Your Blog in Just a Few Days

how to grow your blog

The ultimate goal of a blog is to get more and more traffic. You must already have SEO in place and social media accounts where you regularly post content about your website. You may also have tried guest posting or collaboration with other bloggers.

But do these steps generate thousands of social media shares on autopilot?

Probably not.

So, here are just a few unconventional tactics you can use to skyrocket your social media engagement and website traffic.

1. Find quick-win keywords

You must already have done basic keyword research for your blog. But are these keywords actually ranking? Considering you have just launched your blog. However, if you have selected a few keywords already ranking on page 2 or 3, it’s time to use them and bring them to the top.

This is known as the “relaunch” of a blog post that might already have a good rank but not a great rank.

And this strategy can be used for hundreds of blog posts on your website. Imagine the amount of traffic this simple technique can bring in just in a few days.

The idea is to look for “low-hanging” keyword opportunities, use some analysis techniques, and then optimize and relaunch those pages to boost traffic instantly. You need to look at a few data sources, including analytics, contextual data, and rankings data.

Tools are available to make it happen, like SEMRush and others. You can search for a tool that you find easy to use with good reviews and start using it. Some of these tools come with a 30-day trial period, which is great because you can try them and find out if it’s working for you before spending any money on them.

One of the features that you need for this type of analysis is organic search rankings. This will help you determine which keywords you’re currently ranking for and appearing in the top 100 search results. Once you have conducted this analysis for your website, don’t forget to export the list of keywords in a spreadsheet to do some further breakdown.

Sort the keywords according to their search rankings and use color coding or other techniques to identify the low-hanging fruit. The next step is to optimize these pages according to what your competitors are doing and improve their search visibility. Again, there are tools to handle this type of work, and one of the best ones is PageOptimizer Pro or POP.

Using this tool, you can identify the areas for improvement, optimize your blog post according to those suggestions, and relaunch it.

2. Identify new keyword opportunities

Once you start using an SEO tool, why not explore all the other features it offers to grow your blog further?

One of these features is to perform a competitor content gap analysis to identify new keyword opportunities for your blog. This will help you create new content and use keywords already doing great on search engines.

Again, SEMRush is a great tool to help you out with this tactic. It is recommended to enter up to five competitors (websites in your niche that are doing better than you) to identify high-volume keywords that your competitors are ranking for in the top 10-20 search positions.

Wow, this can be massive! But only if done correctly. Export all those keywords that you feel are relevant to your blog, and you can easily create new content around them. Once you have published your blog post, repeat tactic #1 we just discussed to optimize it further.

3. Use Quora to get referral traffic to your blog

Quora already ranks for thousands of search queries (mostly questions), and you can divert that traffic to your blog by following a few simple steps.

We will again be using SEMRush to find keywords that quora.com ranks for. But most of them will not be related to your business or niche. You can use filters to include words and keywords related to your blog and then choose up to 10 Quora threads from this list that you think are relevant to your offering.

Go to their comment sections and start posting comments with a link to your website.

So, that’s it!

We all know keyword analysis is how to make your blog stand out, but knowing how to do keyword analysis is the key to success. Follow the above tips with one blog post at a time and monitor your progress on a daily basis. But that doesn’t mean all you have to do is optimize your posts.

Creating quality content is one of the first steps in growing your blog traffic. This means writing well-researched, well-written, and relevant articles to your audience. It’s also important to keep your blog updated regularly with new content. If you can do this, you’ll be well on attracting more readers.


Growing your blog traffic takes time and effort, but it’s definitely possible if you’re willing to put in the work. By creating quality content, promoting your content, and engaging with your audience, you can attract more readers and build a successful blog.

Everyone in the blogging business knows the importance of getting quick traffic without cumbersome link building, guest posting, running ads, and creating new content. Well, in this post, we looked at a few strategies that can actually help you achieve that. The idea is to derive value from your existing blog posts generating traffic.

If you’re not sure where to start, no worries. Just give us a call or visit effina media so our experts can help you achieve your goals.

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