6 Ways to Use Snapchat For Business Growth

snapchat for business

As a general rule of thumb, the key to successful marketing is to be EVERYWHERE!

And what’s a better way to do that than to post laid-back, urgency-generating and interesting posts on Snapchat a few times a day? While platforms like Facebook and Instagram are known for great conversion rates and having more traffic, Snapchat helps you to be more specific with your audience and only target the younger demographic.

The best part? More than one-third of the Snapchat users aren’t even on Instagram. This means you have the potential to tap into an extensive range of audiences with different interests to help you become the ultimate social media king.

Sounds too intimidating to start? Here’s a complete guide to social media marketing on how you can leverage Snapchat for business. 

So, let’s dive right into it!

How to Use Snapchat for Business

Snapchat is another platform that gives you the opportunity to connect with your target audience. With over 191 million daily active users, there are 10 billion daily video views that get tremendous engagements every day. What does that mean?

You can make sure of its full-length videos to grab the attention of your viewers better and use its wide range of features to stand above the rest. However, it is understandable that among all the social media platforms that you have to keep up with, Snapchat can be a huge risk that you have to take to spend money and effort.

Luckily, this is where Snapchat takes the lead.

You don’t have to create high-quality content to get viral on Snapchat. In fact, Snapchat is used to show the raw and playful side of the business using effortless graphics, behind the scene videos and announcements that generate guaranteed urgency among users all while ensuring you stay in your comfort zone.

And let’s not forget, Snapchat will never penalise you for posting the same content that you are posting on your other platforms.

This way you get to spread the message across a wider audience and have better brand awareness.

How to Effectively Carry out Social Media Marketing with Snapchat

Just like with any other social media marketing platform, you also need to create a different strategy to make the most out of Snapchat. Here are the top 6 best ways you can effectively leverage Snapchat in your favour.

1.    Be Unique With your Content

In general, Snapchat is supposed to be authentic, not perfect. This gives you the opportunity to be casual and play around with your audience. Considering that you will connect deeper with our audience, it helps build trust and customers will be more likely to open up with their inquiries.

Here’s an example of Ben & Jerry’s created curiosity and excitement with this simple yet effective Snapchat story.

You can also go ahead with teasing your audience by showing upcoming offers, features and collections to keep their eyes glued for your next story.

2.    Offer Coupon Codes

Snapchat can be THE BEST way to carry out promotions and offer coupon codes. Try experimenting with various ways to let people do marketing for you in exchange for a coupon code.

16 Handles know how to do this effectively.

They offered a coupon code to anyone who would post Snaps of themselves holding frozen yoghurt. The restaurant later returned the Snap with a coupon code that can be used in their actual store. Tactics like this take no time to snowball into your favour and show tremendous engagement.

3.    Promote your Snapchat Username

If you are new to Snapchat and have considerably more followers on other social media platforms, this can be a great way to cross-promote your new account and entice people to follow you. You can start sharing a few witty Snaps on Twitter or simply post stories of your new account on Facebook and Instagram stories. 

4.    Go for Sponsored AR Lenses

Snapchat’s artificial reality (AR) lenses are one of the many features that distinguish Snapchat from the rest of the Social Media platforms out there. You can create animations, graphics and use digital effects to promote your products and generate brand awareness among many Snapchat users.

You can begin creating your own AR lenses using free software called Lens Studio that takes care of branding without making you spend a dime.

5.    Create a Snap code

A Snapcode is a badge specially generated for your brand to help people find your Snapchat profile by scanning it through their phones and tablets. Think of it like a QR code that allows easy access to let potential audiences engage with your brand without having to go through the tedious searching process.

You can use this code on websites, posters, business cards and other physical and digital channels.

6.    Make it Easy for People to Connect with your Business

If you are getting enough views on your regular posts, decent engagement but no conversion, Snapchat can be your best bet to go. In February of 2020, Snapchat launched their new Swipe Up feature that lets people visit your website, Text, download an app or call you in an instant. This is one of the major reasons why many businesses opted for Snapchat social media marketing last year.

Wrap up: Is Snapchat Still Worth It?

Now that you are aware of the best practices of Snapchat, let’s address why you came to this page in the first palace: Is Snapchat still worth it? Sure, Snapchat used to be one of the most engaging and popular social media platforms to have. But it is no secret that its value has been decreasing ever since a few celebrities threw a few punches stating the negative effects the new update has on its users.

Where this can be bad news for some, many businesses can use the loyal Snapchat users, to make use of their undying love for the app. The remaining users are on Snapchat for a reason and you can seize this opportunity to get highly engaged viewers rather than an audience that is simply not interested in the platform.

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