How to Grow your Blog With Internet Marketing in 6 Months (From Scratch)

how to grow your blog

Blogging isn’t just about writing and publishing content, it’s about writing content better than anyone else on the internet and building a reader base for that content.

However, by simply pumping out a few articles we won’t make the cut. If you want to stand above the rest, you need to do what most people aren’t doing. This means promoting every word you say, building a community, and breaking through the surface-level information to provide value to your audience.

As we all know, this is easier said than done.

Here’s an in-depth guide that was written after 72 hours of research on testing the best practices on how to grow your blog with internet marketing from scratch.

So, let’s dive right into it!

Speed Up Your Site

Think about it: when someone searches anything on the search bar, they are simply looking for the answer in the fastest way possible because let’s admit it, no one has time to read that Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn built the internet before getting to the point. In this situation, if your website is slow, your visitors won’t take a single second to jump to your competitors and quickly get the information they need.

In fact, page speed makes up one of the algorithms that Google has to rank your website high on the search engine. So hover over to tools like Google PageSpeed Insights or GT Metrix to check out the speed of your website and get started with the optimization right away!

Create Quality Content

Let’s drop the famous buzzword here, “content is king”, regardless of how many counter opinions you may have on this, this is the fact. Good content is key to having a snowball effect with all your efforts to speed up the process of growing your blog with Internet marketing. 

But what really adds “quality” to your content?

Your goal should be to keep your audience engaged. Whether it is using multimedia like infographics, videos, tables, and graphics or simply structuring it in a way that breaks the complex topics in an easier way.

You can do that by improving your writing skills and using a more conversational tone to deliver your information. Along with the written content, feel free to add case studies, reviews, podcasts, Youtube videos, and interviews into your regular blog posts to help back up every word you convey.

As for the structure of your content, start off by acknowledging the problem, exaggerating it or even stating the consequences with facts. Then gradually mention that you can solve it and what makes you better than your competitors to do so.

Here are some of the things that you can do to have quality content on your site:

  • Have open-end conclusions to get more comments
  • Carry out effective keyword research
  • Track the progress of your posts using Google Analytics and focus more on popular content
  • Avoid adding stock photos
  • Keep your writing original, plagiarism always gets penalized
  • Focus on writing strong headlines
  • Break large chunks of paragraphs into graphs, infographics, bullet points, and quotes to help readers grab the information better

Build Your Subscribers

Once you have mastered the art of writing quality content, it’s time you make your audience loyal by growing your email list. Go for an email providing services like Mailchimp, or OptinMonster to design a pop-up form and set up email sequences that you can send to your regular readers. 

Later, you can use this email-building link on all your social media platforms and websites to help grab your audience’s attention and build connections.

Leverage Social Media

Imply writing on your website will only get you traffic from search engines, however, sharing a glimpse of your writing on social media platforms can make sure that your readers wake up to a new, exciting post from your blog.

Here, it’s best to post two to three times a day at specific timings to keep your viewers engaged and keep coming back for more.

Start Building Relationships With Influencers

This method can work as a catalyst for all your effort. Where frequent efforts will build you, one reader, at a time, by collaboration with influencers you get to leverage the thousands of readers at once. As important as building relationships with your audience is, it is equally important to build relationships with influencers and bloggers to gain more exposure and expand your horizons.

Don’t know how to break the ice?

Simply emailing your favorite influencers about how much you love their content and that you’ve featured them on your blog post can do the trick. After that, you can build the relationship around co-writing a few articles for their blog or a social media post to boost yours and their visibility. The key here is to give something before you try to gain benefit from them.

If you have a membership on your website, this can be an excellent opportunity for you to give them a few month’s free trials and ask them to review your website on their blog. Moreover, LinkedIn can be a gold mine for such opportunities. It is never a bad idea to build a solid LinkedIn profile to attract like-minded people.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is known as one of the best ways to rapidly grow your blog. However, there are many things you need to consider before diving headfirst into writing a guest post on any website. Remember, where your link on an authority website can boost your ranking, a poor one can yield the opposite effects.

Therefore, always make sure to check the Domain Authority of the website from here before writing a guest post for them. However, bear in mind that the journey of guest posting is no easy job. Stay consistent with regular guest posting on authoritative websites to establish a good reputation on all the popular channels and grow your blog with Internet Marketing within 6 months.

However, this doesn’t mean that you go straight to writing for sites like Forbes or Entrepreneur, that’s something you need to earn over the years. Simply make a list and email addresses of the websites you are interested in, thoroughly read (and follow) their guest posting requirement, and get started with guest posting.

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