Reasons Why You Should Have a Solid Social Media Marketing Plan

social media marketing plan

Are you struggling to meet up with your annual business goals? Not having a solid social media profile can be the problem.

Social media provides you with just the right opportunity to spread the word in a way that resonates well with your brand.

Can’t change the content of your website with the trends? Well, social media can help you do that. Need to start a specific age group? You can never go wrong with specific social media channels. Branding? Sure. Make your content shareable? Hell yeah! Build relationships within the niche? LinkedIn is your way to go.

In a nutshell, regardless of whatever your business goal is, Social media has got your back! Here are the top 9 reasons why every business should have a solid social media marketing plan to help you move strategically and make the most out of your efforts.

1.    Social Media Marketing Plan Helps with Better Customer Service

The #1 reason why you lose the trust of your customers is bad customer service. That’s where a good social media profile comes into the picture. It gives you the opportunity to mention the latest updates, pre-sales or clarify all the counts your customers/clients may have regarding your product or services.

Facebook and Instagram live is always a great way to have real-time communication and indicate that there is a team behind the company instead of bots who are running their social media accounts.

2.    Increases Trust

The process of writing, (writing again), proofreading, approving and finally publishing a blog post can take up a long time on your website. Seeing your business active on social media accounts can be an easy way to engage and authenticate the credibility of your business.

Many brands also showcase their success, reviews and behind the stage content on these platforms to help build trust and truly show that you care about your customers.

3.    Cost-effective

For a business to be successful, it is crucial to be efficient in your practices. This not just includes high productivity but also opt for cheaper alternatives of advertising that can actually be more profitable in the long term.

Here, social media is possibly the most cost-effective way to get your brand across millions of people worldwide. It is free to step up, content creation is almost free, and it doesn’t take much to get started with the advanced tools. The best part? All of the advertising practices ensure to target the audience that you want for your brand. Therefore, just by investing your time and effort into mastering your social media marketing plan, you have the potential to get high ROI and better conversions.

4.    Helps Improve Your Reach

This makes it one of the major benefits why businesses always invest some solid money and time into social media. According to stats, 90% of the businesses claim that they get most of their exposure and reach from social media, in a relatively short period of time.

To help your business become one of the 90% accounts, always try to stay consistent with your scheduling, gain more likes, shares, subscribes, and comments and interact with your audience to help their algorithms to work in your favour. Remember, the more the engagement, the more the reach.

5.    Helps Attract Traffic to Your Website

Struggling to get traffic on your brand new business? Social media can help. Unless you are doing a good job with SEO, it is difficult for people to reach your website organically. Luckily, social media lets all of your social media followers click on your website at least once in their lives. So if you are not optimizing your post with relevant hashtags, links and stories, it’s high time you get started now!

6.    Get Real Customers Insights

As we all know, the best way to stay up to customer demands is to collect their frequent feedback. However, gone are the days when you used to manually carry out marketing research and break your bank into a large group of marketing professionals to collect data for you.

Through regular campaigns and after getting a certain number of followers, you get access to valuable customer insights to help offer more relevant information. These insights include the age groups of your audience, country, from where they found your account, the industry they are interested in and lots more!

7.    Social Media Can Help With Link Building

Social building can be an excellent building block for SEO as well. Let’s say you recently answered a question on Quora and added a link to your blog. Or perhaps thanks to the social shares of your blog post, many people now know your blog and are willing to link it on their own posts to help you rank high on Search Engines.

Google and Bing also add Twitter Tweets in the search results to help you gain exposure on trending topics. 

8.    Establish Your Brand As An Authority

The more relevant your content is on social media, the more people are likely to interact with you. When you go the extra mile to satisfy your customers, you establish yourself as a trusted person that people can count on for anything in that specific niche.

Its effect can eventually snowball to help you establish yourself as an authority on not only social media platforms but on search engines as well. As a result of this, you benefit from both organic and direct audiences.

9.    Driving Conversions

By creating an effective social media marketing plan you get to have the freedom to experiment with different methods to create urgency and use techniques that drive overflowing conversions for your band.

You can also try out the various call to action methods to get more sales and let your audience engine to a whole new level. For instance, try publishing posts regarding the recent sales, pre-orders or sneak peek of the upcoming product to keep your large audience hooked to your brand and come back for more.

This is an opportunity that you are unable to get in the website content.

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